How do you know this picture is trying to talk to you? How does this picture know if you have taken the medication? Or does it auto switch off after a while? And which medication exactly?

This is a talking clock. You press the button and it tells you the time. How does one even know that this is clock? What a youthful hand you have.

A wander reminder. If the person living with dementia leaves the house, a text message is sent to the carer(s).

A wearable tracker, letting the carer know where the wearer is. How will the wearer remember to wear this (if they even want to)?

Another wearable tracker. How soon do you think this will end up in the laundry?

Tracking information is shared with carers, who can decide appropriate action.

More subtle... This sends the carer a message each time the kettle is used.

Tracker with added SOS button. At least here the wearer has some element of personal control. How will they know that their cry for help was heard?

Here you can make the wearable speak to remind the wearer of stuff. Not at all freaky if you can't remember you are even wearing such a device and a disembodied voice tells you what to do.

A safe pil dispenser. Who fills this?

In this album you can put images with accompanying audio. If you can't remember how the microwave works, the next logical step is to look in the photo album and press the audio button.

And it is very intuitive to add instructions or stories.

Taking care of the physical self also becomes more challenging, but worry not with this bathroom unit that problem is solved.

Or you can just use this to pee in.

If you can't reach your ass you can use this 'bottom wiper" to make that easier.

And if you can't reach your feet, you can use this handy foot cleaner.

Eating becomes harder too. This bendy spoon will help.

And this wonderful set can keep your food warm for longer in case you are a bit slow.

This can help you slice those pesky tomatoes.

And this carving knife cis much easier to use.

And this will make sure you don't leave the stove on, and tell your family if you did.

If you find you do need some help, you can call for help using this phone. Wait, who are these people?

You won't receive any unwanted calls, because your carers have made sure of that using this call blocker.

If all of this makes you a bit cross, worry not, you can relax with a bit of aquapaint.

Or by pretending you are a wonderful train journey.

This rainbow in my room is really reassuring.

And you need not feel lonely because your life-like robot kitty can keep you company. The purring sound is most reassuring. Just make sure you keep those batteries charged.