Disintegration Antonina Koudriavtseva, Suthan Logeswaran, Svitri Magnusson It is not uncommon for people suffering from dementia to have difficulties communicating and understanding the outside world and vice versa. This experience is designed to illustrate these difficulties, and ultimately, attempts to induce associated feelings of this disintegration.

The Table Project Carl Vinberg, Emil Eriksson, Karl Åkerlund, Tom Menchini The purpose of this project is to show the difficulties of everyday life when things do not behave the way you are used to. Dementia changes the way you perceive your surrounding

Stupid Keyboard Emil Holback, Ivar Högström, Hannes M. Lindberg The goal of this project is to create empathy and understanding for the frustration of losing basic everyday abilities. The keyboard is a good device to use for exemplifying this. Virtually everyone uses a keyboard in their everyday life, yet few reflect on the amount of skill needed to operate one in an efficient manner. In our Stupid Keyboard we have tried to switch places of just enough keys to impair one’s typing. This would create a feeling of confusion, but doing so without breaking the illusion of a perfectly normal and harmless keyboard.

Strange Object Malcolm Evefors, Fredrika Högberg, Helena Jonsson, Lisa Lundgren A common effect that dementia has on the human mind is the loss of memory related to procedures and tools. Our aim with this exhibit is to emulate how a person with dementia might feel when they can’t remember the purpose of an everyday object.