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Curiosity killed the cat

Tilly managed to climb all the way up to this bird box. Rest assured, she soon fell off and the birds are still alive and well. 1-0 for the birds.

The cats also seem to have developed a fondness for snake’s heads.

Photos by Nathan

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Goat cats

Random cat picture of the day.

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Meanwhile, in Paris

It’s been cold. It’s cold even in Paris where Rich + crew are building a big skatable installation; “L’Object” to be exhibited in Le 104. The crew pictured here. Watch this space for the final result of all their hard work.

But in Floda it was really cold. Disaster was narrowly avoided thanks to the wonderful care of Fran├žoise and Derick, who are looking after the cats, and now the house as well. And let’s not forget Lisa and Martin, who came to the rescue yet again. We’ve lost count on how many times they’ve saved us. Not sure how we would manage without them? From left to right, we have: Karmel, Steve, Rich, Chris, Daniel, Mathias and Thomas.

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Rescue mission

Malex, one of our cats, decided to look for a nice male cat in Rune’s barn. We fear she may have got stuck there with all the snow. Time for a rescue mission!

Will we take the spark?

Best get the snow shoes from the barn. Luckily Rich had already dug a path.

There is Rune’s barn in the distance.

Snowshoeing our way across the field (thanks John, for the snowshoes)



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Queen of the stump

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Malex Attack

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Malex versus the Christmas decoration

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Meet Maxwell and Fat Face. the only cute assassins I know.

So you know, Im referring to the cats.

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Guilty as Charged

Everybody is trying their best in moderately trying circumstances to both get the job done of building the Floda31 facilities while staying in touch with their freelance jobs and families in the wider Europe. But so many chargers – and so many phones?

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