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Blue Room press


A while back now F31 was commissioned to help design and create this room in collaboration with Ambra Trotto at Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, along with two students of industrial design, Dorothé Smit and Philémonne Jaasma from Eindovens Technical University and this was project was partnered with the Sliperiet in Umeå.

Here is some press on it – Blue Room on

Along with the above lot, much thanks must go to Dominique Furst, one of the interns at ICT for the hours of soldering put in connecting it all together; Fredrik Nilbrink for helping organise/making us have some sort of reality check and wire-up all sorts; Toby Reid for coding the whole thing, Stephen Beaton for spending a week at F31 going slowly insane with us here making a load of triangles; Ru Zarin for the random days getting excited about the nail gun; Jeroen Peeters for spending most of a night installing the walls and of course Lisa/Tommy/Martin Manfredson for the constant random help moving things/making and cutting stuff.

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