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Google Vs Apple

Different perspectives on building architecture for the global tech folks.

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Wintery roads





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A god’s algorithm


A “God’s algorithm” is an algorithm that produces a solution to a puzzle with the fewest possible moves. Researchers have determined that this number (known as “God’s number”) for the Rubik’s Cube is twenty moves. In other words, ANY Cube can be solved in twenty moves or less (which is notable, considering that there are approximately forty-three quintillion configurations).

Previous resident Nathan Phinney whilst at Floda made this wonderful info graphic, yes a real rubiks cube was involved and the full explanation of the info graphic can be found here.

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Previous collaborators on the Venus project Supercollider have been on a new expedition to Iceland, looked like a nice trip, check out what they got up to here.


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Fracking hell it’s fracking fracked

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International Man of Miscellany

Slightly off season, but then we are always thinking of summer. Thanks for the nice post by a Mr A Dubber who came to visit us one weekend, he is one of the organisers of the MusicTechFest, come see it in the land of heaven and hell.

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