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Strangely epic

This year in the north we have had an epic heatwave, the warmest on recorded. It’s all a bit surreal really considering we are one of the hottest places in Europe right now. In continuation of the surrealism, here is a nice bit of epic lakeness taken by the Oavsett crew.


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Summer is here


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Pizza 2013

One fully functioning pizza oven, cooking time only 59 seconds.


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A bit of DIY

The last three weeks has been pretty busy making some DIY. The location was the old container port in Barcelona, and it was for an event to highlight a different side to skateboarding. It was allot of fun working with an international bunch, from France was Antone, ZeB, Kamel, from England Daniel and Rich (sort of) and Spain Ramon, Luc and Danny. Big thanks to Neil for getting F31 involved.







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Cloggies are here

Kay, Edwin and Hugo, students from the Utrecht School of the Arts, an art academy located in the Netherlands. Follow their work in detail on their won blog here:

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