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Welcome Sophie Friedel

streets-kabul1 photo: joel shames.

We are pleased to welcome our new erasmus for young entrepreneur’s participant Sophie Friedel who just returned to europe from a 5 moth stay in costa rica. She will be spending the next three months with us, researching while simultaneously preparing for the set up of her business. Sophie has been working on the relationship between peace, war and skateboarding for the last 5 years, starting with an internship at the not for profit organization skateistan in kabul back in 2009.

The experiences she made going back and forth between europe and afghanistan sparked her initial interest on peace, war and skateboarding. Harnessing the power of sports in the name of peace is currently a popular practice within reconciliation, conflict transformation and peace facilitation in conflict environments. Sophie’s work focuses on exploring the nature of transformative change by looking at new theories of change and learning and at the role skateboarding plays within the peace and conflict industry.

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Crazy golf

We were invited to design, build and install some skate spot inspired crazy golf courses, for the European launch of Eric Kostons new shoe. With the help of Martin on the courses and Lisa with the flags, we got it done in 10 days. It was allot of fun and they worked pretty well, maybe Floda needs some…

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9 Years later

We designed and built these skatable sculptures 9 years ago and placed them at the world famous Southbank, the unofficial home of London skateboarding for the last 40 years. The oldest one is concrete and 9 years old, then the two stone ones are only 7 years old. It’s interesting to see how they are holding after the years of continual grinding.

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The cats are enjoying the spring weather and join us for the egg hunt.

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