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Paul Smith

For the keen observer; Marije’s print in Paul Smith’s office, featured in Iconoclasts tv show.

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Uppdrag Mars

Stage one has been completed, with the movable, foldable model landscape of mars we made now firmly touched down at Umevatoriet and we had some expert help from astro physicist Bastien Erpelding on getting the landscape just right. The Mars rover and control interface was designed and built by students from KriMag Technology and teams of students and school classes will be able to control these rovers from ipad docking stations as it explores the landscape.

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New barn doors

Finally this stack of planks has turned into some new barn doors.

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Work in progress of a flat pack kit that can either be a chair or a bench.

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Every month from now on VIA presents an interesting company operating in Västerbotten! They are doing this to show a glimps of all the impressive companies that exists in the Västerbotten region. Companies from all sectors, sizes and age will be presented. First up is Floda 31!

Here is a link to the full article.

Thanks ViaVästerbotten

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