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Well and truly stuck

On the way home from a lovely day out with Iain and Claire, we had some more fun trying to winch the Landrover out of a ditch. Unfortunately we managed to choose a spot where there were no trees for about 20 meters, so no real points to winch off. After allot of digging (Thanks Iain & Claire) and wading through show we were not moving much. Luckily some locals came to the rescue, some phone calls and Bo appears with his tractor, some time later and we were out. All good fun.

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Making mars

We have been quietly making a model landscape of Mars for umevatoriet in UmeƄ, the more complicated bit was making the structure to hold it. Allot of fun to be had with the mini rover they will drive around on it. Finishing touches to be added, bit of Mars dust and we are done.

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Bluebird day

Bluebird teatrayday

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