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Late sun

Nice day

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Table gets a bench

Finally got round to making the correct bench for our table.

Table gets a friend

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A variety of flowers

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Here we designed a set of rollable storage soloutions for under the shelves, we made them in three sizes, 400 by 400, 400 by 800, 400 by 1200, all 400 high on hidden castors. Each has a unique configuration and bespoke lid.


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Carbon 12

If you so happen to be in Paris, be sure to stop by Fondation EDF to visit the Carbon 12 exhibition, curated by the excellent Cape Farewell (and designed by us). It shows five works, each a collaboration between an artist and a scientist: David Buckland with Dr. Debora Iglesias-Rodrigues, Annie Cattrell with Dr. M.C. Bell and Dr. Simon Boxall, HeHe with Dr. Jean-Marc Chomaz, Lucy + Jorge Orta with Pr. Yadvinder Malhi and Erika Blumenfeld with Dr. Michael Latz. The exhibition runs until September 16 2012.

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