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Talking @ Innovation Västerbotten

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Innovation Västerbotten 2012

We have been kindly invited by Region Västerbotten to speak at the Grand Hotel, Stockholm about innovation in Västerbotten, here is the plan for the day.

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Expression session

Otto at three months.

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Extra Sensory

Big thanks to Allan, for letting us be a part of a fun & intense week at Umeå School of Architecture. We worked with Johan Berglund from 42 architects to run week long workshop looking at new ways in which we can experience architecture through wearable technologies. Below are the kinda freakish results, big thanks and well done to all involved.

photos by Johan Berglund

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14:15 sunset

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What the track?

Smart phone app in the making. Which animals made these tracks?

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can’t see the forest for the trees

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Meanwhile … in Bygdsiljum

Badger, Steve and Matilda are shredding the fresh powder in Bygdsiljum. Check out the webcam.

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Rescue mission

Malex, one of our cats, decided to look for a nice male cat in Rune’s barn. We fear she may have got stuck there with all the snow. Time for a rescue mission!

Will we take the spark?

Best get the snow shoes from the barn. Luckily Rich had already dug a path.

There is Rune’s barn in the distance.

Snowshoeing our way across the field (thanks John, for the snowshoes)



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Snow, lots of snow

A serious amount of effort just to get to the dentist! But on the way we visited the lovely Lisa and Martin, and Otto got to borrow Lars’ ‘sparkladar’ (I hope I spelled this right?), and we saw a herd (troop, school, collection) of reindeer.

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