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Though it’s getting lighter by on average 2 minutes a day, it’s pretty darn dark.

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Christmas 2011

A white Christmas with good friends, fine food and fire.

Pictures by Alex Peters

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Stranger than fiction!

Here is a link to the trailer.

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Happy pulka

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Yesterday Sun


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Winter Otto, with gas mask

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Snow, No Snow

Icicles from the gutter, the weather has been so odd in comparison to last year, when on this date it was -20°.

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Lands Unknown

The day after tomorrow I travel to lands unknown; India. Unknown lands for I am to join a train journey with 450 young people, 8,000km around India. It’s impossible to know what lands I will travel.

I am joining the Jagriti Yatra. The Yatra was founded in 1997, on the 50th anniversary of India’s independence, its aim was to ask young people to contribute to the conversation about a changing India, to be part of creating a vibrant India, to be entrepreneurs to an unknown future. They repeated the journey in 2007 and every year since. Through a combination of visits to inspiring places, talking to role-models, contributing to panel debates and intense collaboration with others on the train it is hoped that the Yatras will be committed to the spirit of social entrepreneurship.

I’ve been asked to join the journey on behalf of the British Council, Creative Economy team to talk about the creative industries in Europe and the importance of cross-disciplinary collaborations, using Floda31 as an example of both. I will also be looking after a group of 6-10 young women, some of whom will have never left their hometowns. With me far away from mine, I suspect they’ll be doing most of the looking after.

A short video here

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Aquatron – Leveled

It’s been a year and a half since we installed our biological toilet system – Aquatron

We have had some issue with it, mostly due to the separator not doing it’s job 100%. We hope to fix this with a levelling device that is supplied by aquatron to help level out the chambers where the separation happens. On the whole, it’s worked great, however, the shitty part is the removal of the composted waste. We think it would be better if you could pull out the entire chamber and take it outside as opposed from digging into it … perhaps a re-design is needed.

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