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Tree coaster

Tea and cup not included.

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The First Birdbox

Thanks to the Friggebodar crowd funding proposal, we have our first taker for a bespoke bird box, thanks Bjorn. One thing we forgot to mention is that each birdbox will be inspired from an existing mini house. This one is a take on the “Maiensäss hut” by Bearth & Deplazes Architekten.

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Floda31 on Umeå.se

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IndieGoGo crowd funding

So, after being inspired at this years creative summit, we thought to make a little crowd funding appeal for our first curated residency. So after about one take, we put together a video and perks page on indiegogo – Here is the link to the page

Please go check it out, if only to look at the stupid video of us…

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IndieGoGo Perks

Pictures of some of the perks you can get by funding us… Check out for details…

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Stupid Oil

Had to change the gearbox oil the other day, I kinda forgot where the drain plug was so I had a quick look through some old snaps to find out where it is, and found this one of when I was building the thing.

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Cross-disciplinary interaction

Can specialisation also be looked on as a species downfall, purely because it only takes the slightest break in the system, for the whole thing to collapse?

If you have a spare 25 minutes check out this talk by John Warner, not only does it talk about green chemistry, ideas on how to improve education, but what really struck me is his plea for getting professions out of their specialised compartments. How can a football coach and a chemist compare notes? What do a musician and a scientist have in common? At Floda31 we hope to be putting some of these people together and ‘save the world’.

John Warner: Intellectual Ecology from Bioneers on Vimeo.

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Computer game action sports

I guess news travels fast; UID students at our Prototyping The Future workshop last January had a similar concept, and strangely apt after just having been at the Creative Summit with a theme of ‘the Digital goes Physical’. Anyway, check out this skatepark in New Zealand for Mountain Dew, designed by BBDO and a team of skaters, BMXers and artists.

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Creative Summit – Day 2

Day two at the Creative Summit. Other then inspiration people and talks, it was interesting to see audience behaviours and the use of gadgets; tweeting, recording, distracting?

And we learned some interesting secrets of set design from Industrial Light and Magic’s Lorne Peterson. Coal and baking powder is what you need…

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Creative Summit – Day 1

Check out the Creative Summit in Skellefteå – this year’s theme: “The digital goes physical” – inspiring stuff.

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