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Henric, Åsa and their ‘kids’ plant our veggies on their annual visit to Floda. Thanks guys! Please visit more often…

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Almost finish the office–ish area, still to go is the cable management / hiding them.

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If the world were 100 people

Our friend Mike Hatcher, finder of good web content, found this. Not only a nice info-graphic, also really rather interesting data. The data is mined from here. Did you know only 8% of the population speaks english? Did you know that almost just as many people are undernourished as there are overweight?

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The other day we looked out the window and there was a baby deer (bambi) in the field, along with some bunnies. It looked like this (minus the bear).

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365 Days Later

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Thinking about cogs

Then found this super nice video about a sort of roundness that is not so round.

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one year on

Sunday was officially spring cleaning day in our house. The drawers came out, the hoover put in an appearance, we threw away any food with a best before date pre Sept ’10 (medicine a more lenient ’08), we planted the tomato plants and looked at the rambling rose, once again noting that we really should try and prune it into some sort of shape. We ended the day with aching bones and a bottle of wine and I was heard to mutter more than once “I can’t believe it’s already May”.

Spring is a time to watch everything return to life but conversely I drift backwards in self reflection, a process that usually starts with the question; what the hell have I done with my life in the last year?

I found myself looking at the Floda31 blog and lo and behold it’s a year to the week that Marije & Badger packed up their urban lives and headed North. If you’ve been diligently reading the blog over the year you would have learnt a few things:
– it took them longer than expected to get there
– when they got there it was hotter than expected
– it took them longer than expected to build it
– before they’d finished building it, it was colder than expected
– they probably couldn’t have done it without help from their neighbours and friends
– they still don’t have a lot of the answers and probably have more questions
– but they do have the best outdoor bath in all of the northern hemisphere

If you’re not much of a reader and just looked at the pretty pictures you’ll have seen that Floda31 has moved through blue skies to red trees to white blankets to blossoming flowers and the promise of a new year. Whilst we’re busy pondering ‘what have I done in the last year’ nature just carried on, business as usual, as it will over the next year when Floda31 throws up more questions and projects, answers and problems.

I could turn this into an allegorical story about climate change; while we’re busy asking ‘how did we get into this mess’ rather than cleaning out the fossil fuel dependency (far past its best before date), nature is just having to get on with it, albeit in a shrinking icecaps and hotter oceans type of way. The thing is I’m too tired from the hoovering and the self-reflection, so I’ll just let you draw your own conclusions.

Happy 1st Birthday Floda31, save some cake for me.

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We spent a few days in France at the dragonlodge, for some valuable ‘research’. It was brilliant to see everyone and get input on the hillpark designs. Here some pictures by Howard.

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Get creative

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No snow

With our safety blanket of snow gone, a lot of stuff gets revealed and we are getting ready for a spring clean.

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