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Hillpark building sketches

Jake’s latest building sketches:

On 14 Apr 2011, at 23:32, jakob gate wrote:

Hi M & R

Here is some renders of the latest sketch model, the down section in the front have been removed after conversation w John this morning. Other things are pretty much still up to date. It’s incorporating what we discussed in terms of ridability in the last meeting w John and tweaking a few angles for solar gain.

In terms of function, two wall rides protect entrances on both sides of the building and provide opportunity for mezzanines. In the middle an ‘up-flat-drop’ section allows for modified jumps next to a kicker. Solar wells provide light into the back of the building as well as divide the roof into clearly approachable section for blue and black runs etc after a discussion of health & safety with guest tutors.

I understand that some of these angles are next to impossible to detail but it’s a concept. Lets see how far i can take it… I very much like how angular it is half the year to become super smooth n curvy for in the winter. I am working on some plan and section drawings at the moment and will send those when its ready (along w renders that incorporate the ride-edge and building).

In term of materiality I like the timber used for basement / kitchen / bathroom in Floda and think its a good idea to have some reference to the predominant architecture in the locality and only spend money where its needed. Also this board can be battered without loosing charm and easily be replaced if needed.

Thats it guys, hope you are all splendid =)

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The removal of a plaster can be a painful thing

Whenever I hurt myself and have to wear a plaster (this can be quite often because as it turns out I’m rather clumsy) the bit I remember as being painful is the removing of the plaster bit and not the hurting myself bit. The common advice I am given (this can be quite often because as it turns out I’m rather clumsy) is to pull the plaster off quickly. I’ve been adhering to this method for years and suffered through the silent yelp seconds after my skin realises what my brain has just authorised my fingers to do. Well I now feel experienced enough to advocate the slow removal of a plaster method. No silent yelping rather a gentle journey to a plaster-less existence.

On countless occasions at talks about climate change I have heard panelists say the journey to a more carbon efficient life will be hard and tough; it’s complicated, it won’t be easy, we’ll have to make sacrifices, we’ll have to give stuff up, some people won’t want to. I can see that if we’re forced into carbon rationing and to live in the dark when the fossil fuels run out, yes that’ll be a tougher existence. But lets take the slow plaster removal approach. Here are some of the things that as an individual I’ve changed over the past few years
– I don’t use plastic bags
– I carry a re-usable water bottle
– I get my electricity and gas from a renewable energy supplier
– I vote for the political candidate who prioritises energy reform
– I turn off unused electrical goods at the mains
– I’ve insulated some of the outdoor walls of my flat
– The heating is on a thermostat and the boiler is efficient
– I don’t fly if I can travel overland. If I can’t go overland I question whether I need to go
– I eat seasonally
– I choose food grown in Britain over food grown overseas (although, please note, I will not sacrifice coffee)
– I don’t eat much meat or fish and when I do I try to make sure they are from local, sustainable suppliers
I’m no saint, if I fancy a bacon sandwich then I’m going to have a bacon sandwich. If I’m thirsty and I don’t have my bottle, I’ll buy a water bottle and you already know about the coffee.

And the accompanying “tough” consequences?
– my energy bills have reduced
– I weigh less than I did three years ago due to less meat in my diet
– I get excited when months of the year arrive due to abundance of certain fruit and veg (April = purple sprouting broccoli and rhubarb FYI)
– I don’t have weekend trips to Europe anymore (did I ever?)
– I got to visit Denmark and Sweden and experience the delight of a Latvian Cabaret act on an overnight ferry during an overland trip to Latvia

My slow peeling of a plaster journey wasn’t that tough. The hardest thing was dealing with the bureaucracy of switching energy suppliers and fortunately that fell into my flatmate’s domain. I’m not naive enough to think that if everyone could live as I do the world would be a better place but I am naive enough to think that people could probably deal with the “hard” journey I am on.

At these same talks where us westerners talk about “tough journeys” and “sacrifices” there are also speakers such as Ursula Rakova, working to voluntary relocate 1700 Cataret Islands to mainland Bougainville, Papua New Guinea because 50-60% of the Cataret Islands are now underwater due to rising sea levels. That is what I would refer to as the ripping off a plaster approach and lest we forget, it wasn’t them that caused the injury it was us (because as it turns out, we’re rather clumsy).

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Carry me home

Last week we worked with the ‘Introduction to Industrial Design’ course at Umeå Institute of Design. The students had to each design a poster for a vehicle they had designed on the previous workshop with Tony; The brief for the vehicle was that it had to perform some sort of service in the student’s hometown. On the posters they had to communicate the concept of this vehicle, how it works and what it does. Then, if that wasn’t quite enough for the week, the students had to put together an exhibition, showing all these posters and communicating the overall vehicle design brief.

The students truly impressed us with their hard work, not only did they design great posters, they put together an awesome exhibition within a very limited timeframe. Well done everybody!

Thanks Mei for the photos.

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Floda31 on TV4


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Movie posters

We are teaching various workshops for some of the courses at Umeå Institute of Design. As a warm-up exercise we like to give out the following brief: “Design a movie poster in black and white using only a symbolic illustration and the title of the film.” The group then picks 6 movie titles of films they have all seen (this can be quite a challenge at times). Shown here are the designs of students from Advanced Design Visualisation. They worked with the following movies; 127 hours, The Matrix, Terminator, Moulin Rouge, Toy Story and Inception (click on the squares to see the full posters). This brief was inspired by the series of posters for popular tv series by Exergian.

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Kerim’s posters

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Kerdem’s posters

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JingJing’s posters

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Roy’s posters

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