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Loppis desk chair

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I love lamp

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The kitchen

Howard has been busy … kitchen now finished!

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This is a sort of response to Graham’s post about ‘NICE’ and also a pre-thought on the friggebodars.  Staying in floda last summer I spent quite a few nights out in the slatted shed – doesn’t sound too posh – but it was truly awesome really living with the outdoor elements, snuggling up in my sleeping bag as the wind howled across my face, the flickering of birds wings a gentle wake up call.  The hardest part about this was the never-ending light, sounds like a dream right now – but at the time it was quite hard to get used to.  Matt was adamant that every last slither of light had to be shut out if he was going to sleep…and at the ‘design in Space’ event I was at last night there was discussion about how astronauts going to Mars will cope with 100s of days without any seasons or time reference…it seems humans are very sensitive to these natural cycles.

Here is a film shot by some friends of super/collider ( in the Lake district, it really is a beautiful film of the daily cycle on earth within a vast natural landscape – I found this mesmerizing.  Cycles seem to be ubiquitous in nature, so much so that we often take them for granted.  From the photos it seems like Floda31’s first cycle is nearing completion- it is amazing how great the house looks…Marije and Rich have a clear vision, turning over wet sawdust for under-floor insulation in July I never could have imagined!

And it seems the next cycle had already started with the Bartlett team designing one of the friggebodar… exciting times ahead.

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Kitchen bench

Reclaimed kitchen bench with some nice detailing.

And no, we did not photoshop in the cat.

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Steve and Matilda showed us a small community-run slope in Rusksele, all in the name of research of course. Amazing to see how the community got together and made this work; One small lift, a few great runs, a communal building with some facilities, a piste basher, a few barbeques and hey presto – a small ski resort. Very inspiring for our future hill park. Our major challenge; a sustainable, comfortable and efficient lift… Ideas and suggestions welcome.

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Data tracking and mapping

Look familiar? Seems like Burton x Nokia had the same idea as our mapping UID workshops… Check this: But will they actually use the data farmed in as interesting a way as the mapping group?

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Friggebodar blog

Friggebodar design thinking is well underway with the Bartlett guys, see the dedicated blog here:

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Snow love

Nothing like a bit of snow type, even if the 3 is a littlebit large…

And what better way to tell your loved one?

Or build a home?

Or a horse?

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