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Manfredssons save the day – again

Our shiny new super green heating system failed us at below -15C, so the Manfredssons come the the rescue again: heaters! So they drain the electrics and as such are not particularly beneficial to the environment, which is making it painfully clear: Personal comfort wins again! This is a shining example of things we try to change at Floda31. We need to design things that are sustainable and that work. We cannot become martyrs of our own inadequacy. It’s not about doing less, not about wearing 20 layers and still not feeling your hands and feet, not about feeling guilty to be alive. It is about finding a balance: surely we are capable of coexisting peacefully with our own planet?

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Thank you Badger and Marije

I leave. But not without visiting the lake one last time.

Farewell Floda31.

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Greynoise and the Sparks

Graham thankfully has been diagnosed as an ambiturner.

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Meet Maxwell and Fat Face. the only cute assassins I know.

So you know, Im referring to the cats.

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Bad rum

Heat?… check. Bathroom?… … …. ?

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Upstairs update.

Underfloor heating is going down, floors are going down, what a relief, temperatures are also going down.

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Rune tracks

Catch up blog. First snow. I would put more on this post but there will be many snowy pix to come.

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The Tree

Catch up blog. Matt is no longer with us. Still alive no less, just in another country. We go for a walk.

We happen to stumble across the biggest tree the eye can see. Should get us through the winter.

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Adventure is out there

Al, Alex, Axel, Axwell. You are the man. Maker of doors, floors, shelves, boxes, bathrooms, traps, stew, miniature picture boxes and crafty cards – full of excellent ideas and unfinished tunes. You will be much missed.

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