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Guns don’t kill animals, Lisa’s do.

On our way back from rod holding, the white Volvo infront, stops. A woman in a wax hat, gets out of the estate holding a shot gun in one hand and a dead bird in the other.

Lisa. Tommy’s mum. What an excellent woman. Gave us a quick lesson on killing with a Pietro Beretta shot gun.

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The hunting season has started – you can now hunt birds (moose hunting starts the first Monday in September). Lisa and Gaia hunted a Korre (I think), well, they got several, so we could have one too. Luckily she also showed us how to gut it and prepare it. It was delicious!

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Anatomy lesson

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Tara bravely showed us around the design school and attempted to explain what everything was.

A 5 plane cnc machine. We live in the future. Im going here, in this here future. If they let me.

Such good range of facilities. Jake shows us how to turn an air finial.

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Badger of Floda preps the frame for the see-through windows.

Ever wondered how the lamp comes on when you hit the switch?

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Axeltron and Badgertron install the Aquatron. Aquatron is a biological composting toilet system utilising ordinary water closets. It uses a UV system to sanitize fluids and worms to deal with the solids. We are feeling a bit bad for the worms, but at least they get a free lunch!

With the kind support of Aquatron.

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Everybody is worrying about the weather and the Swedish winter. But a local has just informed us that there will be no winter until September 15. That gives us a tiny bit more time to hang around outside the house and by the lake. On the other hand, the cold is a good excuse to have a drink inside, lay on the sofa and make bonfires (or just playing w/ fire). In Floda, it seems you win regardless…

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First day back at school.

First day back. My mission. Make a Hexagonical structure for the Aquatron worm farm.

Awaiting the ultimate in shit tanking. Fingers crossed it holds. Keep some toilet roll close by for peace of mind.

Jakob turns the old windows into new ones. These will be installed at the end of the barn to create a million mile view over moose country.

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A portrait of Floda31

Caritas made this portrait of Floda after her stay here in July.

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Open once a month!

We bundle into the Badgermobile, half cut, tunes. Once a month a bar opens in Vindeln. Thats where we’re going.

Wow what a night! You alright Jakington?

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